My ON/OFFLINE summer of 2016

Do you know what I did last summer?
(from left to right)

  1. I love my birthday and I always take the day off to do whatever I want. This year I took a swim at Vinkeveense Plassen and tried the “Nieuwe Haring”…hmm!
  2. Sometimes I feel like I have to many thoughts running through my mind, this is why I started with meditations this summer. Instead of the MUSE, I have been using Headspace for a while now and it’s really helpful!
  3. The best part of Lowlands 2016 – Mirror room –
  4. Inspiring project that was on show at Droog. Smart Replica’s; Augmented Reality that tells a story – design/technology and heritage by Studio Maaike Roozenburg
  5. A personal (private) diary on Instagram. Because we had to miss our dad this summer, my sister, brother and I captured our special moments. Once he came back he really enjoyed our story’s.
  6. OMG! I knew they where in Amsterdam, shooting the new season of Sense8, one of my favorite netflix series. However I didn’t expect that I really would see them. I felt like a groupie…but the result is this lovely picture.
  7. Virtual Reality on Mysteryland.
  8. I love reading…
  9. When others were playing PokomonGO at the camping, I was in “the flight modus” at the Ardennen. Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Yoga, Reading, I should go more often OFFLINE.
  10. La Vie Boheme. As a teenager I went to the musical RENT, and I can still sing every song. I was impressed by this Rock Musical, and I was very happy to hear that RENT returns. I saw the preview during the Uitmarkt and I have tickets for their show in DeLaMar Theater!
  11. Rainy days can be some of the most boring times during the summer. And it was raining a lot in the Netherlands. Thank god there was Mr. Robot, a cyber-thriller that is absolutely brilliantJust watch yourself!

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